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I currently have classes available via Skillshare. This is an online learning community with thousands of classes on everything from graphic design to fashion. If you'd like to try out Skillshare then following the link below will get you two month's fee trail access to the entire site and all the courses. 

Cover Image - Card Making with 6x6 Paper
Holiday Ornaments - Glass Painting Class
Cover Image - Autumn Card Making 3.jpg
Cover Image - Drawing Monthly Favourites

Learn how to use a 6x6 scrapbook paper pad to create a set of beautiful greeting cards. The class works with one set of papers and looks at various card layout ideas, tips for card making with pattern paper, fussy cutting, using up paper scraps and more. 

Learn how to paint your own holiday ornaments and use glass paints and a raised outliner to create beautiful designs. Glass paints are a translucent medium, the light can travel through the colours and this gives whatever glass object you’re painting a lovely effect when the light catches the colours. Hanging ornaments are great decorations for the holidays and make lovely gifts as well. This class walks students through the process of using the glass paints and creating their own ornament. 

Learn how to make autumn themed greeting cards and use watercolours to create beautiful backgrounds and color focal points. In this class we’re be working with a warm autumn themed colour palette and I’ll be looking at three different watercolor techniques for creating your own backgrounds for the cards and three ways to color the nature elements, as well as looking at card construction. You can take the watercolor techniques, tips and process discussed in this class and apply them to your own cards and designs.

Practice your artistic skills in this illustration exercise class and draw your own a monthly favourites design. Bring together a group of elements that celebrate that month and some of the things you've enjoyed. These could include events like a wedding or simpler things like a new scarf you bought . The class covers the whole process, from brainstorming ideas, layout and design to sketching, inking and coloring a final illustration.

Learn how to paint with water based markers and use water to unlock beautiful blending techniques. In this class we'll walk through how to color with water based markers, how to create watercolor style effects, how to use water to blend and move the ink and how to create a variety of different styles and techniques using the markers. 

Learn how to paint with porcelain paints  and create your own zodiac star sign coffee mug. In this class we'll walk step by step through the process of designing, preparing and painting with porcelain paints.  

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