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Windy Iris Digital Stamps

Some stamps are more generic, such as banners, ribbons, flowers, fruit etc. All round useful sets for any occasion and any time of year. Others sets are seasonal or based around a holiday, such as Christmas or Halloween. I also like to design sets that tell more of a story such as Autumn Walk, In the Garden or Birthday Party. Each of those brings together a group of objects that build a scene and conveys a story. The sets can of course be mixed and matched together to best suit your project.  

Digital Stamps

I design a variety of black and white digital stamps. The stamps are grouped together into sets, you can find objects and elements, faces and backgrounds organized into easy to find groups. Most sets of objects come with twelve different designs and the faces come in sets of three. I make sure that the designs do not overlap between sets, making them easy to collect without having any duplicate graphics. As I often print out and use the stamps for making embellishments, I try to create them with the problems of fussy cutting in mind. Thus the majority of the graphics are designed to be fairly easy to cut out.


Shop Digital Stamps

The stamps work well for card making, coloring, art journal pages, scrapbooking, collage, decoupage, mixed media layouts, stationary projects and more. They can be printed out as many times as you like, on different papers (try them out on colored or pattern scrapbook paper) and used in multiple projects. The stamps can be purchased from the shop and come in 3 different files sizes, PDF, JPEG and PNG. 


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