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Breeze Coloring Book

Breeze is a 19 page printable coloring book. The designs are a combination of girls faces, natural motifs and objects. I aimed to keep the line work as clean and as clear as possible so there would be plenty of room for coloring. Breeze is available as a digital download from my shop, so the book can be printed out onto lots of different papers (good for experimenting with different coloring supplies) and as many times as you want. 

Breeze Coloring Book by Windy Iris

Get Your Own Copy Here

Aquatic Pirate Coloring Page
Arty Time Coloring Page
Breeze Coloring Page
Daisy Girl Coloring Page

A few colored pages for inspiration. They were colored with a variety of supplies: markers, watercolors, ink brush pens, watercolor pencils, wax based colored pencils, and even washi tape. 

Patchwork Flowers Coloring Page
Alice Coloring Page
Flamenco Girl Coloring Page
Lady Nature Coloring Page
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